The Ship

The Ortolan, an excellent sailor

The ship Ortolan is built as a sailing ship, without engine. This is well reflected in the beautiful lines of the ship. Nowadays of course there is an engine on board. But we prefer to hoist the sails!

For day trips, the Ortolan has room for up to 45 people and on board there is everything that makes sailing an adventure. The ship is built both inside and out with a lot of attention for detail. The Ortolan is fully equipped with central heating, has a spacious lounge area, a bar with tap and a well-equipped kitchen.

A multi-day trip? The cabins offer a comfortable accommodation for up to 32 people, Each cabin has its own sanitary facilities (see floor plan, click on photo for magnification). and a little closet! In addition, each bed has its own reading lamp and its own plug socket.



  • Cabins
    Layout:2x2pax, 2x to 4pax, 4x to 5pax
  • Heating: full Ship
  • Sanitary:
    Toilets: 8x
    Showers: 8x
  • Washing machine: Yes
  • Dryer: Yes
  • Galley
    Gas stove:6 pits
    Refrigerator: 280 Litres
    Freezer: 40 Litres
  • Salon
    Radio / MP3 Player
  • Bar
  • Extra high railing
  • Railing in gangway
  • Swimming stairs: Yes
  • Control sheets: Manual
  • Control halyards: Manual and on winch
  • Operation swords: Electric
  • Ship type: clipper
  • Year built:1897
  • Length:32.00 meters
  • Width:6.00 meters
  • Depth:1.40 meters
  • Sailing surface:400,00 m²
  • Fresh Water tanks:5500 Liters

a lil history

The Ortolan was built in 1896, at the shipyard of the shipbuilding master Teunis Nederlof in Baanhoek, Sliedrecht. Fire mark 1002 DORD 1897 | 2502 B DORD 1949. The price of the Ortolan was 8600 gulden. 

The ortolan has kept the same name and sizes for years

The name Ortolan is derived from Ortolan, a breeding bird and long-distance tracer. When the Ortolan rolled off the wharf in 1897, the sizes were 31.68m long, 5.98m wide. The max. draft was 1.90 m loaded and the ship had a payload of 202 tonnes. The Ortolan has never been extended, which often was happening in the past to increase its payload. The beauty of this is that the original line of the ship has been preserved.